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Organic Shea Nilotica Butter

Organic Shea Nilotica Butter


Organic Shea Nilotica  Butter is a rare butter that originates from the Eastern Part of Africa. Unlike Western African Shea Butter, Nilotica is softer,creamier and possesses a sweet aroma. Its packed with antioxidant, high in oleic acid and contains UV-B properties that equal an SPF value of about 3-4. This is one of our favorite butters! It can be used on Hair to seal and lock in moisture. This butter is totally worth a try. 

Benefits of Shea Nilotica Butter: Rich in Vitamin A and E. Nourishes and Moisture Hair, Skin and Nail. It also assist with skin aliments such as scaring, dryness, eczema, stretch marks and psoriasis. 

Size: 4oz

Ingredients: 100% Unrefined Organic Shea Nilotica Butter