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Rose Water Loc+Facial Mist

Rose Water Loc+Facial Mist


Our 100% Rose Water Hydrosol,  is made from super concentrated Rosa Damascena  Flowers. Rosewater can be used as a facial toner on cleansed face to balance pH and tighten pores or as setting spray to hydrate and set makeup. It can also be applied to Locs before and after shampoo to provide moisture and promote hair growth. Our Rosewater contains no additives, preservatives or synthetic substances. 
Benefits of Rosewater:
  • Is a mild astringent packed with Vitamins A, B3, C and E 
  • Aids in restoring natural pH balance 
  • It has anti-Inflammatory properties that can assist in skin redness, eczema and soothes the discomfort of acne.
  • Rosewater nourishes the scalp ,assist in hair growth and reduces dandruff. 
  • Can be used as Setting Spray to hydrate and set makeup. 



Ingredients: Organic Rosa Damascena Flower Water

Size: 2oz

Directions: Face: Spray Rose Water on Face whenever you are in need of a refresher. It can also be used as toner before and after you apply Makeup.

Hair: Rose water can also be sprayed directly onto roots and Locs to refresh and add. moisture. Follow up with our Hair Serum to seal in moisture.