Unrefined Raspberry Seed Oil 1oz

Unrefined Raspberry Seed Oil 1oz

Lalin et La Sirèn

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Our cold pressed,100% unrefined Raspberry seed oil, is super moisturizing with a lovely sweet aroma. Its rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E and Vitamin A.  It’s anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, hydrating, high in antioxidants that assist in preventing  free radicals and provides natural sun protections with the value of SPF 28-50. 

You should still use a Regular SPF for sun protection

This oil can be used on sensitive, dry and mature skin. You can’t go wrong with this oil as a moisturizer for skin, face and hair. It’s benefits are endless. 

Directions: Can be applied  to skin, face and hair. Apply a few drops to palm and gently rub on desired area. Can be applied under cosmetics and used twice a day.