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Doulè Muscle Balm

Doulè Muscle Balm


Our all natural Doulè Muscle Balm soothes tired muscles and achy joints. We use all natural and  organic ingredients like Kombo Butter, Majoram Essential Oil, Organic Barcuri Butter, Haitian Castor oil and Clove Essential oil. Each of these  ingredient contains properties that assists with swelling, inflammation, overexerted muscles, arthritic and joint pain. Carrier Doulè Muscle Balm in your gym bag or purse. Comes in a 2oz travel size reusable and recyclable container. 

Ingredients: Kombo Butter, Barcuri Butter, Clove, Haitian Castor oil and Majoram Essential oil,Ginger, Nutmeg and Clove Essential oil. 

Direction: Apply balm to affect area and massage into skin. Can be used twice a day or whenever needed. Enjoy warm relief.