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Neroli  Facial Mist

Neroli Facial Mist


Our lovely delicate, fragrant Neroli Flower Water also know as orange blossom water is made from super concentrated orange flower found in Tunisia or Morocco. 
Neroli Flower water contains vitamin c and a natural alpha hydroxyl acid that gently assist in cleansing, purifies and reduces pores without stripping or drying out your natural oils. It can an be used as a facial toner to help hydrate, balance pH and  breakouts. Use this seductive mist in the morning, mid-day and nighttime as a light Facial or Body refresher.
Our Neroli Flower Water contains no additives, preservatives or synthetic substances. For Cosmetic use only. 

Benefits of Neroli Flower Water: 
  • Antibacterial astringent
  • Can be used on Sensitive or Oily Skin.
  • Calming and Anti-Stress 
  • Assist in soothing inflamed skin with rosacea, acne and eczema. 
  • Balances the Sebum.

Ingredients: Organic Neroli Flower Water

Size: 2oz

Directions: Spray Neroli Flower Water as a Facial or Body Mist whenever you are in need of a refresher.