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Baking Soda Free Manuka Probiotic Deodorant. 


One thing I'm picky about is the consistancy of body butter. This one is great and I love the light scent! It's not greasy and it makes my skin feel soft. It's a good size to carry around in my bag.

I’m pretty in love with my Deodorant #funkbegone

I read the reviews saying that this deodorant really works even though it's all natural. I was still skeptical. However, IT REALLY WORKS! I love the scent too. This lasted through an hour long walk in 90 degree weather and the rest of the day. The packaging is a bit different (it's kind of like a push pop) and when it came in the mail the deodorant was pretty melted. I just put it in the fridge and keep it in there to make it easier to put on